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Workplace Harmony

Workplace Harmony History

Founder of Workplace HarmonyTM, Joe Atkin began consulting on workplace issues in the early 1980s and when he noticed the similarity between problems that employees have with work associates and those they experience outside the workplace, he decided it was time for a new approach to workplace conflicts, and created Workplace Harmony™. And, why not? After all, what's a workplace? It's a place where people work in relationships and structures--not unlike other relationships and structures in social and familial situations. The common ingredient in one's experiences is one's personality--one's perceptions, interpretations and responses. After contributing for many years to Workplace HarmonyTM projects and presentations and agreeing with Joe’s philosophy, Suzanne Atkin signed on. Upon Joe's retirement in 2007, Suzanne Atkin took over Workplace Harmony.

When we meet with employees, supervisors and managers to bring harmony and productivity to your organization, we rely on experience gained through our years of individual and corporate consulting and training, as well as our own experiences in business management. Unlike most consultants, we have many years working in organizational systems via management, consulting, coaching, teaching and training.

Because traditional workplace consultants lack a characterological perspective and related clinical skills, their ability to respond to the whole range of organizational issues is limited. With an expanded expertise in personal, interpersonal, and group dynamics, our team of talented associates brings enhanced assessment and intervention skills to your workplace.

The Workplace Harmony Philosophy

Workplace Harmony asserts that a healthy, collaborative workforce will be a more efficient, productive and enjoyable workplace. Employee well-being is a valuable asset that leads to your company's success.

Workplace Harmony is not a typical consulting service. Rather than relying on predetermined, generic “one size fits all” programs to enhance efficiency, Workplace Harmony improves productivity by emphasizing collaboration, communication, team functioning and employee well-being through personalized and unique programs built specifically to meet your needs and goals.

Productivity issues are more than organizational problems. We focus on solutions to the underlying dilemmas and help develop innovative solutions to increase organizational cohesiveness. There are many dilemmas present in most workplaces. From communicating and managing change, to disagreements between supervisors and staff, to time management and production pressures, safety and security issues, resentments and disputes over disciplinary actions, harassment and hostility issues, employee theft, and anxiety and depression, and these conflicts will affect productivity. Workplace Harmonydelivers a direct, efficient, and friendly approach to solving these problems.

Workplace HarmonyTM guarantees privacy and confidentiality to every client.

Who We Are

I am only one. But still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.
Helen Keller