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Workplace Harmony

Imagine a workplace where conflicts are respectfully dealt with. A place where issues and problems are resolved--not swept under the rug. Imagine a workplace where the boss and employees respect one another, discuss important matters, treat each other fairly and respectfully and where everyone enjoys coming to work, being productive and accomplishing the tasks at hand.

This is what we're all about. Each member of the Workplace Harmony team is skilled at making your workplace a more productive and enjoyable place for you.

Workplace Harmony will identify employee dilemmas and work to resolve existing issues and prevent further conflicts. We offer services to help your organization raise productivity, improve customer service, reduce jobsite tensions and increase workplace synergism.

In addition to workplace mediation, training and consultation, we have successfully facilitated settlements and meetings for non-profit organizations, businesses, contractors, public service agencies, real estate offices, manufacturers, design and engineering firms, and municipalities. In addition, we have developed many programs to reduce workplace tension and increase productivity. These programs include workbooks and other written, informative and instructive materials.

 Company History and Philosophy

Joe Atkin, Founder and Consultant

Joe Atkin is a practicing counselor and mediator who has spent many years working with organizational systems. Unlike typical consultants, Joe is experienced in personal, interpersonal, and group dynamics. Joe began his business career as assistant to the Director of Human Services in a large Chicago corporation. He often comments with nostalgic amusement as to just how naive he was as a young junior executive. In the following years, he moved up through the ranks of the business world, and in the early 1980s, he entered the counseling field. Within a short time, he began to consult on workplace distress reductions, and work with troubled employees through Employee Assistance Programs, where he used his experience as a Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor and Mediator.

Suzanne Atkin, MS, Certified Professional Consultant and TrainerTM

After receiving her two Bachelor of Science degrees: BS Communication Studies and BS Social Sciences, Suzanne continued her education and graduated with honors, receiving a Master of Science Degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in organizational communication and pedagogy. Receiving her degrees while simultaneously working in a fast-paced and fluid high-tech environment, Suzanne is able to apply many academic concepts to real-world situations. This integration of education and practical application feeds her passion for teaching, training and consulting. Currently, Suzanne works as a communication instructor for serveral universities and community colleges. Additionally Suzanne is a Certified MediatorTM who practices and trains in effective conflict response.


Who We Are

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