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Workplace Harmony
Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Employee conflicts are very expensive.
Some studies estimate that managers and supervisors spend 25 to 30 percent of their time dealing with interpersonal conflicts. About 65 percent of job performance problems are about jobsite relationship problems--not lack of skill. And jobsite conflicts can lead to very expensive legal hassles. In 1996, the average jury award for employment lawsuits was well over one million dollars.

Workplace Harmony™ offers a variety of mediation and conflict resolution services to assist your company when employee problems arise. Mediation and conflict resolution will minimize the cost of these problems, and help you increase productivity.

Workplace Mediation is a collaborative process with the guidance of an impartial person to negotiate mutually acceptable agreements. It's a powerful process that effectively deals with the many interpersonal conflicts that impair harmony and lower productivity.

Workplace Mediation can be facilitated by one of our mediators, or we can train a member of your organization to conduct Staff or Managerial mediation.

White Papers

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