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Workplace Harmony

Seminars for the Workplace

  • Assertiveness 101: Focuses on positive assertiveness and communication.
  • Basic Concepts of Workplace Harmony™: Improve workplace relationships and communication.
  • Collaborative Diversity: Differences Do Matter: A positive view of diversity and its production improvement applications in the workplace.
  • Communicating and Managing Change: Facilitate and positive and effective workplace change.
  • Communication 101: Guidelines for sharing information, avoiding blunders and more.
  • Conflict, Confrontation and Collaboration: Teaches employees how to respond to conflict in positive fashion.
  • Coping, Problem-solving and Goal-Setting: Tools and techniques for dealing with change.
  • Dealing with Difficult Clients: Explore personality types and ways to address upset people.
  • Distress in the Workplace: Teaches simple workplace stress busters.
  • Effective Meetings: Guidelines for leading productive meetings.
  • Effective Presentations: Strategies for creating and delivering effective audio and visual presentations.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Learn powerful skills for building and retaining happy customers.
  • High Performance Team Building: Explores team dynamics and communication skills.
  • Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees: Takes you from interviews and tests to jobsite empowerment.
  • Humor in the Workplace: Valuable insights about stress reduction through humor.
  • Juggling Your Work and Family: Family dynamics, priorities, planning and problem-solving.
  • Navigating Workplace Politics
  • Organizational Systems: Functional, Dysfunctional, or What: Examines workplace cultures.
  • Personalities At The Workplace: We bring our personalities with us wherever we go. Explore the strengths inherent in the various personalities.
  • Self-Empowerment: Improve workplace harmony by improving self-esteem.
  • Taking Control of Your Workday: Guidelines for managing workplace priorities and pressure.
  • Wellness in the Workplace: Teaches stress management and healthy workplace practices.
  • When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough: Characteristics and consequences of unreasonable workplace expectations.
  • Winds of Change: Workplace Adaptation: how to cope with change, tragedy and crises.
  • Workplace Mediation: Guidelines for resolving jobsite tensions.
  • Workplace Skills for Career Success: Building powerful workplace relationships and more.
  • Your Custom Designed Program


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