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Workplace Harmony

Seminars for Owners, Managers & Supervisors

 Leadership, Management and Supervision Skills

  • Authoritarian/directive vs. Collaborative leadership style
  • Coaching techniques
  • Empowering employees
  • Delegation
  • Productive meetings
  • Presentations
  • Collaborative performance review process

 Congruent Communication for Management

  • Basic skills for clear, effective communication
  • Power of questions
  • Art of criticism
  • Avoiding communication blunders
  • Conducting gripe sessions
  • Preparing and conducting collaborative performance reviews
  • Navigating workplace politics
  • Communication for empowered employees

 Exceptional Customer Service

  • Treating clients and customers in a professional manner
  • Dealing with difficult people

 High Performance Team Building

  • Team dynamics
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Goal-setting skills

 Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees

  • Check references
  • Pre-employment testing and interviewing
  • Identifying traits of high-quality employees
  • Empowering good employees

 Workplace Mediation for Managers and Supervisors

  • Intensive and hands-on
  • Mediate workplace disputes and conflicts
  • Effective listening techniques
  • Interventions
  • Developing deductive or inductive styles
  • Recognizing and addressing conciliatory gestures
  • Facilitating breakthroughs.

 Change Communication and Management

  • Communicate change effectively
  • Manage the change process for productive results

 Your Custom Designed Program

  • We work with you
  • We help you get results


We see people and things not as they are, but as we are.
Anthony de Mello